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San Luis Obispo County offers a variety of opportunities and diverse lifestyles…from beach living to inland ranches, fresh air and small town charm await.

North County Real Estate Review & Forecast

North County Real Estate Review & Forecast

This is a look back on North County Real Estate in 2017 and some thoughts on the coming year. It’s a privilege to live and work in such a dynamic community.

Unit Sales for in town homes topped 900 properties for the second year in a row. The average sale price of residential single family homes in North County was $457,000 which reflects a 6% increase over 2016. This aforementioned market is by far the strongest market in our Community. We still have low historical inventory and new home construction is only starting to stir.  Consistent demand coupled with lower supply is where we are heading in 2018.

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So…  How Will the New Tax Bill Effect ME?

So… How Will the New Tax Bill Effect ME?

Everyone is scrambling to see how the new tax law will effect them and how it will play out on their own taxes.  Like real estate..  location location… location..  In general and overall, it should play well for the economy, the country and how it impacts each...

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The Central Coast is an inbound market for urban refugees from the Bay Area and Southern California. A World Class local wine industry has created international demand from Europe, Asia, and South Africa. RE/MAX affiliates are in 100 countries world wide which gives our Clients the international marketing exposure needed for properties we represent. Nobody sells more property than RE/MAX.

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